9 Popular Types of Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day!!

Here is the list of most beautiful valentine flowers to give.
1.    Roses
Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are the popular flowers for Valentine’s Day. Roses smell amazing and appear lovely. That’s why they reserve the place of number one slot in the list. This blossom is also considered as the symbol of beauty & love. Roses are found in every climatic condition. This woody perennial shrub has hundreds of varieties. 
2.    Passion Flower
Passion flowers are perennial vine and it is purple blue & white in colors. It blooms with ten beautiful petals. It has over 50 species in nature and look exceptional beautiful. Passion flower also has great medicinal value.
3.    Gazania
Gazania flower is believed to be native to South Africa. It’s common name is ‘treasure flower’. The interesting thing about this bloom is that it is found in a variety of strange pattern as well as bright & brilliant colors. It comes in shades of pink, yellow, orange and dark red. The petals of this beautiful flower come in solo color and in various shades.
4.    Plumeria
Plumeria flower species is native to Brazil and Central America. This pretty blossom is found in several varieties. It has mesmerizing scent and beauty. Plumeria bear medium size flowers and come in different shades of vibrant colors such as red, pink, yellow and more.
5.    Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum is also known as “golden flower”. It has beautiful buttons and pompous. This beautiful flower has several types of meanings associated with it. This blossom comes in different kinds of forms. The traditional colour of this flower is found in red, white and purple. Chrysanthemum symbolizes long life, optimism, fidelity & joy.
6.    Orchids
Orchids appear mesmerizingly beautiful. It has over 25,000 species in nature. Orchid plant can easily get adapted to its environment. It is another popular flower for Valentine’s Day. Online flower stores have vast collection of designer bouquets in orchids.
7.    Tulip
From Asia to Africa, this flower is one of the most cultivated blooms. Various species of tulips and its hybrids are known for exceptional beauty. Tulips are found in different colors and flower shapes. There are over 100 species of tulips found in nature. Buy and send tulips for your sweetheart and impress them on this valentine.
8.    Calla Lily
These beautiful flowers are native to South Africa. Calla Liles are uniquely designed by Mother Nature. It comes in a number of colors like shades of pink, green, yellow, purple and many more colors. Calla lily signifies magnificence and beauty. It is extensively used in flower arrangements, floral bouquets and decorative purposes. It is native to South Africa.
9.    Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise is an exotic flower and it is named so due to its shape. It is also named as crane flower. Its unique shape and vibrant colors make it the most exquisite blooms. Bird of Paradise is unanimously the most beautiful blooms present in the world. This multicolored bloom has no fragrance.
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