Confused which Durga Puja Thali to Choose? Take a Look at These Thalis!

Just a few days left, and there would be the grand celebration of Durga Puja, embracing almost everyone whether young, old or kids in its festive fervor! 

The festival of Durga Puja starts with the arrival of the auspicious month Kunwaar(as per Hindu calendar). 

The nine propitious days knows as Navaratri hold greater significance in Hindu devotees’ life as they adulate the Shakti known as “Durga” for nine days and seek Her blessings. Durga Puja gifts online are quite famous among people as they leave no stone unturned to wishing their loved ones on this propitious occasion.

In fact, they prepare beautiful Durga Puja Thali as endowments as well as essentials used to hold everything one would need to adulate Maa Shakti.

If you’re planning to have a beautiful thali for Durga Puja however, haven’t chosen a desired one, take a look at below given thalis.

• Silver Thalis: 'Silver' owing auspicious worth and sheer purity is generally used in worship rituals all over India as it is considered. With elaborate designs, patterns and shapes, such worshipping plates have taken auspicious gifting world by storm. Gift your near and dear ones silver thalis from a recognized online store like us during Navaratri Puja this year and signify your hearty wishes with love, care and affection. These plates for worship also come in in-built essentials that include items like 'diyas', silver coins and 'sinhasans'. What could be better than a gift that signifies the ritual of this auspicious celebration?

• Gold Plated Durga Puja Thalis: Such types of thalis are yet another fabulous option. Due to their gold-plated look they are very popular and are bought by people eagerly for gifting purposes. Dazzling yet quirky they come with accessories like incense sticks, kalash and many other essentials.

• Brass Thalis: During the celebration to confer your best wishes you can gift your loved ones brass thalis too. They are also decked with elegant puja accessories and are available in innumerable shapes and designs. From modern to traditional there are many more designs available in such thalis. Send a thali mad of brass to your loved ones and perk up their festivities!

 • Designer Thalis: Now it’s time to go designer with Durga Puja thali! Yes, accessible in eye-popping varieties and engraved with auspicious symbols like Om and Swastika, these thalis are sure to be bought on Durga Puja. The marvelous look of a designer thali is sure to augment the festive quotient of your loved ones upon gifting.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the thali of your choice and get ready to enhance your gifting experience!


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