Confused What to Choose for Friends? Here is an Ultimate Solution!

Yeppie, Friendship Day is here!!! We all have sweet friends, darling friends, 4am friends, nagging friends, wise friends, always-there-for-us friends, crying friends……. It’s time to take this companionship at next level after all “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai”. 

But, how to make friends elated on Friendship Day? Very simple!!! Bestow them with friendship day gifts (! In case choosing a gift for friend seems havoc for you, take inspiration from below mentioned gift ideas. 

Friend Mug: Side by side of living miles apart, buddies never always remain close to the heart. This exclusive mug having a personalized text will bring your friend even closer to you. If your buddy is fond of coffee or tea, this gift is worth considering. Whenever he/she would sip coffee from this mug, it’s likely they will cherish the memories you endow them with this pretty souvenir. 

Soft Toys: “Happy Go Lucky”, “Don’t Worry” and “Friends Forever” are the messages beautifully depicted by soft toys. Give a soft toy like teddy bear or a pretty puppy with a personalized message on it to your buddy and see their joy mounting on the peak! 

Cushion: Friends are like cushions whose present feels comfy, cozy and comforting. Let your buddies feel the comfort of your companionship with a cushy cushion featuring a quote, a message of friendship or a pretty image of your buddy on it. He/she would really appreciate your thoughtfulness for this sort of gift idea. 

Friendship Bands: I think this one is the most sought-after gift or token of love to endow buddies with. Friendship Day couldn’t go without Friendship bands. As friends tie this pretty band onto each-other’s wrist, it is said to take their friendship onto next level strengthening their bonding. There you find plethora of bands for friends in a range of colours, designs and price tags of course. From beaded to ribbon, metal to elastic there are many more varieties to choose from. 

Chocolate Gift Hampers: Chocolates and friends these two are the sweetest things ever happened to us, isn’t it? As the day is known for companionship, why not make it more joyous by giving a gift of chocolates to your adorable buddy! Send him/her chocolate gift hamper or a box of chocolate with other delights and make the day memorable! 

There are so many gift options available for friends and pals of our lives, which one would you choose to go with?


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